Signed Copy Jacob – Book 2 – The Boys of Castleview Cove Alternative Paperback Cover



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Once upon a time… You know the story… prince meets princess. Evil thwarts their love, and the prince must fight for her heart. Good always wins and there is a stunning wedding at the castle on the hill.

I used to dream of having a fairy tale love story of my own, but I don’t think the author of mine got the memo because right now, I’m shackled to a bed, scared for my life.

My story started with an ambivalent prince whose parents reminded me constantly that I simply wasn’t good enough for him.

When I broke free, a new hero stepped forward.

My boss, and my ex’s best friend. Jacob.

Broad, toned, and dripping in ink that he tried to hide from me.

Turns out, I’ve been looking for my happy ever after in all the wrong places and he’s been here, waiting for me since I was sixteen.

Except, he made a teenage pact. An unbreakable bro-code with my ex. Never touch each other’s past girlfriends. Ever.

So we resist.

Although it’s amazing how much naughtiness you can get up to without touching.

But this is more than just lust, this is love and real love always gets a happy ending, right? If we explain, my ex has to understand… especially since he’s already engaged to someone else.

But, even I have to admit, this doesn’t look good. I can’t see how I will get out of this mess.

I wanted my fairy tale, but right now I’d settle for a chance to at least kiss my prince.

Jacob, the second book in The Boys of Castleview Cove Series, is a steamy contemporary romance, dual point of view, best friend’s ex, friends to lovers, with a happy ever after. This book contains dark suspense content that some readers may be sensitive to or triggered by. 18+ only. Reader discretion is advised. For all content warnings, check the Author’s website. All content warnings are also listed on the inside of the book.