ALTERNATIVE HARDBACK COVER Signed Frozen Flames – Book 1 – Elite Eagles Series





I’ve been in love with Ash Johansson for as long as I can remember.

Former hockey player for the NHL, he now has his dream job coaching the team he loves.

Except, while he’s off living his best life, I’m left here.

Not in a loveless marriage, but in something much worse; a lonely one.

Our forever has fizzled out.

So I do the only thing that makes sense.

I move out of our marital home to give us space to think about what we want.

Only he has a different plan.

He’s everywhere I turn. Crowding my space, igniting my body, and sliding back into my heart.

But can we find a way to burn through the icy divide that life has pushed between us and prove our happy ending is worth the battle?

Frozen Flames is Ash and Lily’s love story. A standalone spicy rekindled ice hockey romance novel. On the rocks marriage, sunshine versus grumpy, marriage separation but they find their way back to each other through twists of fate, destined to be together.

Note: This ice hockey romance is suitable for 18+. It features angst, heartbreak, romance, love, swooning, spice… but as always a happy ever after. Dual POV.