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What should I read first?

You can read my books in any order as each is a standalone with each couple getting their own happy ever after.

But if you would like to start from the beginning then I would suggest starting at Hunting Eden, then Inevitable Ella followed by Unexpected Eva.

Then why not dive into Lincoln, then Jacob and Owen.

Or start with Frozen Flames, my latest release, it’s a standalone rekindled marriage, hockey romance. It’s Ash and Lily’s beautiful journey of finding their way back to one another. And then Wild Blades after that where the series continues. 

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VH Nicolson


Frozen Flames by VH Nicolson

Frozen Flames – Book 1

I’ve been in love with Ash Johansson for as long as I can remember.

Former hockey player for the NHL, he now has his dream job coaching the team he loves.

Except, while he’s off living his best life, I’m left here.

Not in a loveless marriage, but in something much worse; a lonely one.

Our forever has fizzled out. So I do the only thing that makes sense.

I move out of our marital home to give us space to think about what we want.

Only he has a different plan.

He’s everywhere I turn. Crowding my space,
igniting my body, and sliding back into my heart.

But can we find a way to burn through the icy divide that life has pushed between us and prove our happy ending is worth the battle?

Wild Blades by VH Nicolson

Wild Blades – Book 2

I’m ‘Wild’ Wade Collins, defenseman for The Eagles.

Drafted at eighteen, I have my life mapped out, until it all comes crashing down around me.

Which is how I find myself being managed by a specialist team, the threat of transfer looming over me if I don’t learn to behave. I can’t lose my spot on the team; I bleed Eagle colors, so I agree.

I just didn’t know that I’d have to work with her.

 Kali Roth.

She forces me to make changes in my life, tries to repair my damaged reputation, and annoyingly, calms the wild streak that threatens to destroy my career.

I hate her. I need her. And I can’t deny that I want her.

But when secrets are revealed and a past I had no idea about comes to light, can I count on her to protect me or will she really be my destruction?

The Triple Trouble Series

Meet the Wallace sisters in the Triple Trouble Series Complete Boxset. This collection of full length contemporary romance novels feature triplet sisters who own a dance studio situated in the quaint seaside town of Castleview Cove. Immerse yourself in Eden, Ella and Eva’s world.

Hunting Eden: A romantic comedy sports romance. When Hunter King, a pro golfer, rescues Eden from a car crash one night, everything changes in her life. Especially when Hunter turns up on her doorstep two days later and decides that Eden is his next achievement. But what will happen when Hunter leaves town in a few weeks? What are the chances of falling in love with someone who lives on the other side of the world, having their hearts broken, and ending up with a triple secret that will change both of their lives forever?

Inevitable Ella: Seven years ago Fraser Farmer broke Ella’s heart. But what happens when he shows back up in her life, and tells her he’s still in love with her? Inevitable Ella is a steamy second chance sports romance full of twists and turns. It’s an intricate love story involving scandal, marriage of convenience and extortion. Can love really conquer all? Or were they always inevitably destined not to be together?

Unexpected Eva: When Eva, a single mom of two, gifts dance lessons to a charity auction, she doesn’t expect Knox Black, her father’s billionaire best friend, to bid $100K to win those lessons just so he can spend time with her. Later that evening he tells her he wants her to, “Stay with me tonight.” And how can she resist, the heat between them has been burning for days, months, years… but can they only have one night together? And what will happen if Eva’s father ever finds out? Is Eva willing to take a chance, because sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected places… or an older billionaire in this instance.

Get ready to laugh out loud and cry through the heartbreak in this series of steamy romance stories. Three sisters. Three loves stories. Three hot men. Three happy ever afters.

Available in Discreet/Alternative Covers in Paperback and Hardcover

Also available on audible

Audible Romance Books VH Nicolson

The Boys of Castleview Cove

Meet the Boys of Castleview Cove…

Lincoln: On the instruction of his father, Lincoln travels to LA to ‘discover himself’. Unbeknown to Lincoln he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Violet West; a bright, sassy yet often accident-prone businesswoman. With killer curves, hypnotic hips and purple dresses that leave little to the imagination, Violet rocks Lincoln’s world. But will he take a leap of faith with her? And what happens when she gets him so hot and bothered, he ends up in the emergency room? With time running out on his travel visa, will he stay, or will he go?

Jacob: Jacob Baxter has been in love with book-loving-believes-in-happy-ever-afters, Skye McNairn, his entire life. There’s only one small problem… she’s his best friend’s ex-girlfriend and he’s her boss. However, he made a teenage pact; no dating each other’s ex-girlfriends. Ever. But when Skye is working late in the office one evening, everything changes between them. Look don’t touch. How long can they resist? And what happens when Skye disappears overnight? Who will step in to save her? And will they get their happy ever after?

Owen: Running from a marriage of convenience he didn’t want; Owen Brodie is a wanted man. His family need him to fulfil an agreement his father made to save the business. However, Owen has other ideas. He runs. Far away from home and into the arms of another woman. Jade Sommers is a single mom with a high-octane job every man, woman and child dreams about. Older than him and self-assured, Jade and her little girl, Poppy, show him the true meaning of love, family, and friendship. But what will happen if Owen’s family ever find him? Because if they do, they threaten to cause him to crash land and send his world up into flames.

Dive into the world of the boys of Castleview Cove. A Boys to Men, Against All Odds Romance Series.

If you love funny, sexy, steamy stories never miss a thing…